Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Karl Malone - Bringing His Stache to Dallas?

Is 45-year old Karl Malone still thinking about the ring he doesn't have? I was just eating a burger at Houlihan's in Addison (Dallas-area) when I saw a guy who I immediately recognized to be Malone. He's been out of the league for a few years, but he never did get that championship. What business does he have in Dallas right now? With Dallas Maverick's training camp ramping up, it got me it possible he's looking to try one more time...and with the Mavs? Surely he could play a few minutes here and there and bruise with the young bucks. We could use someone with a little physicality.
He looked to be in good shape, by the way. With a baseball hat covering his bald dome, he looked about ten years younger too.

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