Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stache Clash III - Giambi takes it

Tough Ranger loss. Good time though. Got lots of text messages telling me that the local broadcast was steering clear of the stache tonight for the most part. However, it looks like the YES network gave me some airtime which resulted in thousands of site visits. There's no need to act like my sign had nothing to do with Giambi's jack in the 4th. I didn't swing the bat, sure, but cmon. If anyone tivoed the YES feed - send over a screen grab of me from the sixth inning and I'll be your friend. (UPDATE: Thanks, Fred!) Also, there was a girl in pink sitting about five rows in front of me who snapped some pics looking up my way. Send em over and I'll post them (

Shout out to Rachel and Eric who were sitting behind me and my crew toward the end of the game. Fine young couple with a common interest in body paint, but conflicting views regarding American league ball clubs. They both look good in a stache as it turns out, so I like their chances over the long haul.

Finally, I guess I'll go ahead and call myself out before anyone beats me to it. I visited the Ranger's Live set on the way out of the stadium and I've rarely looked like more of a tool on television than I did just then. Knoxy found me during the fan Q&A session with Mark McClemore and fed me a question to ask. I would've much rather preferred to ask Mark about his subtle fu-manchu, but I decided to play ball and stick to the script. Not one of my finer moments, but I did get Knox to wear a stache while he asked me the question. Here's a screen grab (thanks Matt). In an odd follow-up, Knoxy ran me down coming out of the stadium and tried to return the stache to me. "That one's yours for the scrapbook, Knoxy."

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getting good use of that rangers shirt