Monday, August 4, 2008

You picked a fine time to shave your stache, Giambi

To have Giambi shave his prolific stache just days before rolling into complicates things a little. In the fourth inning, with pro-Giambi "Bring Back the Stache" signs all around...of course he went deep. Very deep. Upper-deck deep.

I should've known coming into this Rangers/Yankees series that there was a danger of wires getting crossed. A clean-shaven Giambi has a lot of desperate Yankee fans adopting the "Bring Back the Stache" mantra. This makes things a little tricky for me over the next few days. On one hand, I'm a Ranger fan through and through, so the Giambi homer makes me sick. But then there's another little part of me that gets a kick out of seeing the power of the stache introduced to a much larger audience (by any means necessary). When you grow out or get rid of a stache, you can't be assured that the effect will necessarily be good or bad. You only know that there will be electricity. I expect a lot of fireworks as the rest of this series plays out. With Giambi and Vazquez in the same ballpark, it's a perfect storm.

With moustache power on our minds, to a certain small degree, I guess I can actually identify with the Yankee fans for once. We've got a little common ground. So whichever team you're rooting for, I hope you'll enjoy the new white-on-black Stache Power shirt design (look on the bar on the right).

UPDATE: Rangers win on a Marlon Byrd walk-off Grand Slam! Who likes to win with a walk-off more than these Rangers?


Anonymous said...

where did you find a shot of that other BBTS sign? which came first, chicken or egg?

Dan said...

This is the sign I referenced in my post from Monday night's game. These girls show their sign and their stache and then whaddayaknow...Giambino goes yard. It was most certainly a copy of my original sign that made waves on TV the Thursday prior. Don't get me wrong though, I was ecstatic to find out that it was worthy of copying. In fact, I've now made a contest out of the concept (see most recent post). I'd like credit this time with the ".com" tag, but ultimately, it's all about spreading the message.