Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clash of the Stache III (I'll be there...so will ESPN)

So far this week, Rangers: 2 Yankees: 0.....time for round #3
Prepare yourselves for a Stache Clash of epic proportions

I will be at the game with my "Bring Back the Stache" sign, so watch for me and my fake moustache 13 rows up along the first base line between the dugout and the foul pole. Assuming I don't get overserved by the beer man, the sign should be out whenever Ramon (or Giambi) is at the plate.

Let me make this clear...I'm not rooting for Giambi to succeed per se...it's all about spreading stache awareness. As much as I love the Rangers, stache power is transcendent. Finding balance might very well be a lifelong struggle.

UPDATE: ESPN has picked up tonight's game. Should be electric at the Ballpark.

UPDATE II: I came, I saw, I rocked the stache

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Matt said...

They showed u in the top of the 6th on YES after Giambi struck out!