Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not everyone can grow a killer stache

This world is made up of two types of men - those who can grow a killer moustache and those who wish they could. I fall into the latter group. I've been holding out hope for a lot of years that someday things would get better, but I think I'll let go of that dream as I turn 34 years old next month. The hair on my upper lip is wiry and sparse. And it always will be. I look like a complete grease ball if I stop shaving for about four days. If I try to stick it out for a week or two and really grow it out, it gets itchy and irritated. See the dirt on my upper-lip in the pic here? Anything more than that and I'm really pushing my luck.

To make things worse, I have some good friends who can grow a killer moustache at will. Exhibit A, my buddy Ric. He grew out this gem last year. Notice how the double-exposure photography really helps to draw your focus right under his nose where it belongs. In the 15 odd years I've known Ric, he has only grown out his stache a few times. He's got a gift and he knows to use it sparingly for maximum effect.

Here's another college buddy of mine, Brent. I can't say that I was ever a big fan of any of his facial hair experiments during our time in school together. Then, years later, he pulls this look out of nowhere. I thought only cartoon moustaches could look that sweet.

And here's my buddy, Josh. A bit of a pallette-cleanser before you move on to the next blog entry. Proof that just because you can grow out a nice, thick stache, it doesn't mean you should. Although, if I could, I'd grow mine out once a year whether I needed to or not.

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