Friday, August 8, 2008

Challenge: Spread the Word...Play to Win!

The Challenge:
The first person who creates his or her own "Bring Back the" poster and makes it on screen for more than two full seconds during an offical television broadcast of an NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL game wins.

The Prize:
A shirt of your choice from my store, of course.

A Few Rules:
1. It's gotta be a tight shot of you onscreen during the game to can't be a speck in the middle of a big crowd. A post-game show is easy to get on, so that doesn't count...unless of course you manage to get interviewed on camera while holding your sign.
2. The sign has to be perfectly legible on screen (including the ".com" part).
3. Be sure to tivo the game before you head to the game. You'll need to provide the proof to win the challenge.
4. Wearing a fake moustache is not a requirement, however, why would you not?

I accomplished this on my first and second trys, so it can't be that difficult. Get crackin!

Submit your entry to

UPDATE: Thanks to Yankee Sam for giving it his best shot at Saturday's game. A New York transplant in LA, he had no luck drawing the cameras his way as the Yanks eventually got drilled by the Angels. it any wonder that Giambi went deep with the "Bring Back the" sign on the premises?!? Still no contest winner though.

UPDATE II: I'm not actively promoting this contest at the moment, but it's still open for anyone who has what it takes. If you get on TV with your "Bring Back the" sign...go ahead and send me vid-proof and I'll send over your shirt.

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