Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stache (on a stick)

Emailer "The Kev" (that's how he signed his email - swear) writes in to let me know that he was leading the fake stache movement back before my website here was born (i.e. two weeks ago). I gotta give some style points for the fedora (very complimentary to the stache). Plus, he grew his own just for the occasion which you can see peeking out from below the fake-stache-on-a-stick.

But wait...with the real stache now it possible that he's managed to make both the Hall of Fame and Shame on the same night? Me thinks it's a thumbs up when the stache-on-a-stick is in play...thumbs down for the home-grown.

The Kev's bro. Is that a fruit bat or a stache?

1 comment:

Beam Blackwell said...

this website is win. God bless you stache man.