Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clash of the Stache IV - Where's Mike?

Gametime is quickly approaching for the final installment of this Rangers/Yankees homestand. I won't be in the stands tonight, but for those with a keen eye, my buddy (Mike) will be sitting in the front row behind the Ranger's on-deck circle wearing a white shirt with the "bring back the stache" design. Anyone who catches him on-screen and emails me a screen grab will get their name up in lights. Uh-huh. You read that right. (

UPDATE: Anyone else get a chill when they saw Vazquez and Giambi together on first base? So much stache mojo in one place that you gotta try not to stare. It's like a solar eclipse...take a quick glance and then look away.

UPDATE II: Who is that guy in the crowd behind Crush Davis? The guy texting somebody as Ramon Vazquez approaches the plate. The guy not wearing his fake stache. The guy not holding up his "Bring Back the Stache" poster. Oh, that's my buddy, Mike. Found him.

UPDATE III: Might not have been any love for the "Bring Back the Stache" sign tonight, but Ramon sure had a hell of a night at the plate. And I love this freaking guy with the Vazquez sign. Look at the crazy eyes. And the hard-hat? I had one exactly like that when I was a kid. Wish I still had it. Didn't even know they still made em, but now I must have one.

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